Megan Jillie

Throughout her years traveling all over with her mom, Megan learned to love the impact food had on one’s experience, whether providing a backdrop for stories being told, or the simple ability it has in helping people connect. This understanding of the power of food helped fuel Megan’s passion for the culinary arts, which was her focus in MBCI’s Studio program.

Megan spent her time in Studio studying culinary arts, perfecting recipes, and creating her own cookbook. With an emphasis on clear instructions, quality images, and the unpacking of some philosophies of cooking, Megan’s book beautifully guides its readers through a refinement of culinary understandings and skills.

Megan explored her love of food, her own story as it connects to it, refined her culinary skills, produced countless dishes (which were thoroughly enjoyed by her fellow students in the program), and helped the rest of us elevate our own cooking practices through her well-crafted cookbook.

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