My name is Kiana McCafferty, and I am a Grade 11 digital artist/animator that’s fortunate to be in the MBCI Studio program. The passion project that I am embarking on is a collection of animations. My goals are to show my pieces on various social media platforms and to learn about and create dynamic art.

I’ve had an interest in animation since I was young. People are shown cartoons since childhood, but I only started to take interest in how they work and what goes into an animation when I was around 10. Watching animated movies and shows has inspired my art along with various animators on YouTube. I’ve always found Ghibli Studios Animations fascinating to watch. When I watch animated movies, I’m not just watching a movie, I’m appreciating the time and creativity that went into the creation of it.

On top of art, I have interest in the environment and sustainable living. I noticed how much waste I was creating making traditional art and found that moving to digital saves me both money and waste. This has inspired me to put my art into motion.

Feel free to check in with my ongoing blog throughout this semester, and watch the evolution of my artwork!

Check out my Journey: