Hello World!

My name is Dante Dziewit, and I am in MBCI’s Studio program to develop my skills and passions in 3D modelling and product design.

I first got into this passion of mine through the wonderful world of mechanical keyboards. I have always been a very tech oriented person, creating and building things as far back as I can remember, from my early childhood and love of Lego to the first computer I built at the age of 10.

After my first computer build, there was really no hobby that I was more interested in. This all culminated into my current obsession of custom mechanical keyboards, which involves the unimaginable customization of the tech you know and love. More than just colour coordination and form factor, I’m passionate about the actual design and the architecture and material of these items. If building my first computer taught me how to build and tinker, my first custom keyboard build taught me how to design and create.

This is my escape from reality. When I am in the zone of design and manufacturing, there is no greater feeling to me, and the reward of completing a project gives me a sense of peace that I will take with my through life. This is why I’m in Studio, and this is why I will be designing and building all that I can throughout my time in this course.

If you’re interested, feel free to check out my blog and follow my progress within the program!

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