My name is Carter Wiebe and I have the pleasure of being part of MBCI’s Studio program. The passion project that I will be pursuing is a mix of cardiology and leathercraft. I’m starting a small business selling handcrafted leather goods, and with each product I sell I will be donating a certain portion of the profits to a research organization to target different heart conditions, diseases, etc.

So, where did this all start for me? Roughly seven years ago my parents decided they were going to try leathercraft. After 4 years of observing and helping out here and there, I decided to try my hand at it. I started by making small things and lots of help from my parents, but after lots of practice, I’m here and I’m working on my own small business!

That’s the leather side of things, but why am I interested in cardiology? Well, a few years ago I found an old heart diagram in my school notes and decided to draw it. From there I took immense interest in the heart, and three years later I’m still fascinated by it. I’ve done lots of research into different diseases and conditions of the heart, and I want to keep pursuing this by donating funds to further research on medical advancements for these issues.

That’s all for now, but you can find out more about me and my future endeavors in my upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned!

Carter 🙂

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