Anika Enns

Anika’s journey in Studio reflects one of life’s indelible truths: passions grow, evolve, and sometimes take hard left turns!

Anika’s initial foray into Studio took her down the path of high-end baking. She studied techniques, practiced recipes, and produced many delicious goods (which were tested and enjoyed by the class), all under the assumption that baking was to be her future.

But, if you know Anika, you know that music flows through her veins. As the semester progressed and Grade 12 rounded its final corner, Anika felt the deep calling of music on her heart. So, freed by this reality, Anika changed course and leaned heavily into the music side of her soul, something all who attended Studio’s Showcase night was able to enjoy as she provided the evening’s musical entertainment.

It’s important to remember, life is not about having consistent passions, but it is about being consistently passionate.

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